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MetaMaestro – Meta Tag Editor

MetaMaestro is a simple little tool designed purely for creating syntactically correct Meta Tags for use in your HTML/XHTML, allowing you to use a simple and familiar windows interface to make sure that your Meta Tags meet the required standards to ensure you keep up with the latest trends in SEO (search engine optimisation). By […]

12 Jul 2016

MySQL2CSV – simple online database dumps to CSV using PHP

I’ve often had the need to quickly and easily take a copy of a database table. Sometimes I am making a backup, other times I just want the data in CSV (Comma Separated Value) format so I can easily import it into another database or programme and so on. There are ways to do this […]

13 Jun 2016

Faster pixel manipulation with GetPixel and SetPixel in .NET

If you have been playing around much with VB.NET or C#, chances are you have had a go at manipulating images using the System.Drawing.Bitmap namespace. The Bitmap class is great and gives us a nice easy set of functions for finding out the colour of a pixel at a given coordinate, and changing it if […]

25 May 2016

Welcome to

Please use the Articles link to view all of the articles on this site, or use the category links at the top right of the page to view all articles in a particular category. Also at the top right of the page is a search box, which can be used to search all articles on […]

13 Apr 2016

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